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Gift Card Accounting | Liabilities and Revenue

Each country treats the accounting of gift cards differently. In this article we will review how to properly account for […]
Tim Rokeby-Thomas   •   December 22, 2023

Can Gift Cards be Purchased in Different Currencies?

With Gift Card Pro, customers are able to purchase gift cards in their local currency, even the default currency of […]
Greg Olive   •   May 16, 2023

What If My Customer Enters In The Wrong Email Address or Phone Number? (How to resend a gift card)

If an email address or phone number is incorrectly entered, and the order for the gift card is placed, you […]
Tim Rokeby-Thomas   •   March 30, 2022

Can I Set Up Specific Gift Card Values That My Customers Can Choose From?

Yes, within Gift Card Pro’s Configuration settings, you can set up specific values to choose from, as well as offering […]
Tim Rokeby-Thomas   •   January 27, 2022

Can I Upload My Own Gift Card Designs?

Yes, uploading your own Gift Card designs within Gift Card Pro can be done within the Gift Card Pro dashboard. […]
Tim Rokeby-Thomas   •   January 26, 2022

Can I Change the Default Language Inputs?

Changing the default text inputs used by Gift Card Pro can be done using the Language translation tool. For instance, […]
Tim Rokeby-Thomas   •   January 27, 2022

Can My Customer Send Gift Cards In Their Own Timezone?

Yes, absolutely! If you have enabled the ability to send later within your Gift Card form, then your customer’s will […]
Tim Rokeby-Thomas   •   January 27, 2022

For Scheduled Delivery, Do I Have to Remember to Send Out the Gift Card?

No, this is handled in an automated fashion by Gift Card Pro. We keep track of the Gift Cards that […]
Tim Rokeby-Thomas   •   January 27, 2022

Do Gift Cards Ever Expire?

Gift cards can be set to expire after a specific amount of time. By default, gift cards don’t expire because […]
Tim Rokeby-Thomas   •   January 27, 2022

How to Stop Discount Codes Being Applied to Gift Card Purchases

As Gift Cards are products, the simple fix for this is isolating the discount code from being applicable on them.  […]
Tim Rokeby-Thomas   •   June 20, 2022