Can Gift Cards be Purchased in Different Currencies?

With Gift Card Pro, customers are able to purchase gift cards in their local currency, even the default currency of your store is different. To sell in multiple currencies, you must first have multiple markets enabled through Shopify Markets.

Example multi-currency purchase flow
  • A store from Canada with a default currency of $CAD has multiple international markets activated through Shopify Markets.
  • A customer from Spain wishes to purchase a gift card on the store. In the Gift Card Pro builder, the customer sees the gift card denominations in euro and selects a €50 gift card. When they have finished customizing their gift card, the customer is redirected to checkout to complete the purchase in their local currency.
  • When the purchase is complete, the gift card recipient receives a gift card in the $CAD equivalent of €50 at the time of purchase.
Important notes
  1. Shopify does not allow for the creation of gift cards in a currency that is not the store’s default. A customer who buys a gift card in a non-default currency will receive a gift card of the equivalent value in the store’s default currency at the time of purchase.
  2. You may see an additional 0.95 added to a multi-currency gift card upon navigation to the checkout. To stop this from happening, turn off price rounding in your Shopify Markets preferences.

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