How to Stop Discount Codes Being Applied to Gift Card Purchases

As Gift Cards are products, the simple fix for this is isolating the discount code from being applicable on them. 

The simple way to do this is to add the Gift Card product to a collection, and then not select that collection as being eligible.

So go to Products –> Collections –> Create Collections, and then put it in a collection like “Gift Card”.

For the Collection type, choose Manual.

Next, go to Products –> Gift Card –> and apply the “Gift Card” collection to the Gift Card product, and press Save.

From there, go to Discounts –> Create (or edit) Discount, and go to the Applies To section. From there, apply it to all collections that you would like it to work on, but exclude the newly created Gift Card Collection.

Now, any product that is in the Gift Card collection, being the Gift Card, won’t be able to have this discount applied to it.

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