Add a Thumbnail Image to the Gift Card Product That is Added to the Cart

When the Gift Card product is added to your cart, you may notice that no thumbnail image has been added alongside it.

While it isn’t possible to dynamically set this thumbnail image to be the design chosen, it is possible to add a generic image to fill in this space and make it look better during the Cart and Checkout steps. See here with these being left blank:

Cart without image:

Checkout without image:

Adding a thumbnail image here can be done by adding an image to the Gift Card product created by Gist.

Go to Product –> Gift Card –> and Add Media. See here:

Once this is in place, the image will appear.

If you like, you can right click and ‘Save’ the image below to add it to your store. Or use any image of a Gift Card that you prefer, including any of the images found within Gift Card Pro.

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