Skip the First (Choose A Design) Step of the Gift Card Pro Builder Form

If you are offering your customers only a singe design to use for the Gift Card Pro builder, you may want to skip the Choose A Design Step altogether and direct them to Step 2.

To get this in place, go to Online Store –> Themes –> Theme you want to add it on –> Edit.

In the theme.liquid file, add the following snippet of code above the closing </body> tag:

  #gcpRoot.loaded {
    display: block;
  .gc__breadcrumbs li:first-of-type {
    display: none;


  (function() {

    var GCP = {

      events: function() {

         document.addEventListener('gcp-page-loaded', GCP.functions.skipGreetingCardStep);

      functions: {

        skipGreetingCardStep: function() {

          const currentPage =;
          if (currentPage.step === "greeting_card") {

      init: function() {;


Once this in place, the first card design will be auto-selected, and the Choose A Design step will be skipped.

If you need to change the numbers for the next steps 2 and 3, this can be done by going to Gift Card Pro –> Language –> and finding those input fields and editing.

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