Hide the “Send to Myself” Checkbox in the Gift Card Form

Within the Gift Card Pro builder, there is an option allowing users to send gift cards to themselves and skip some recipient details. If you do not wish to display this checkbox, it can be hidden with some simple CSS.

From the Gift Card Dashboard, navigate to Global Settings and click on the Appearance Settings tab.

On this page, scroll down to the Advanced Settings section and locate the first input labelled Custom CSS Editor.

In the Custom CSS Editor, paste the following CSS styles to hide the “Send to Myself” checkbox and click Save.

.gc__message_checkboxes_div {
  display: none;

Now, when you navigate to the Gift Card Pro builder on your Online Store, the checkbox should not display in the form. (Note: A hard refresh of a previously opened browser window may be required)

As ever, if you would like any help with configuration, please get in touch at support@gist-apps.com

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